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Open311 is an international effort to build open interoperable systems that allow citizens to more directly interact with their government. Many traditional 311 systems provide a broad range of information and services, but Open311 has primarily focused on coordinating a standardized, open-access, read/write model for citizens to report non-emergency issues.

The GeoReport API v2 specification allows developers to build applications to both view and report issues which government entities like cities are responsible for addressing. These interactions are often referred to as “service requests” or “calls for service” and have traditionally been handled by custom web forms or phone based call centers (sometimes using the 311 phone number or other short-code). The GeoReport API is designed to allow both government and third party developers to create new applications and technologies that can integrate directly with these same official contact centers in any government that supports the standard. The current specification is focused on location-based non-emergency issues such as graffiti, potholes, and street cleaning.